Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last of cakes before baby

This past weekend was the last weekend I accepted any cake orders before the baby comes. I'll probably resume business in September. I'm going to miss the work, but I'm fairly certain I'll be kept busy enough once the baby arrives. I couldn't resist posting some of my favorites.
This cake was for a family reunion/birthday party. Unfortunately the names didn't show up very well in the picture--but to let you know, there were TWELVE brothers and sisters names on the tree! Talk about a big family! Transformers birthday cake.  Hubby let me know this was the mask of the good guys in the movie. I made two cakes for a 40th birthday bash. One was a sheet cake with a raised "40" layer on top. The birthday girl loved designer purses, so that was the inspiration for this cake.
Birthday cake for a biker babe. The husband ordered the cake and took it to her work to surprise her! So sweet!
The request I recieved was for a "half naked man" cake. I didn't even dare to google images for that one, but after some thinking this is what I came up with. Thankfully they loved it!
This summer I've had the joy and honor of making two wedding cakes. The bride LOVED pink--all the details at the reception were pink. This was a white cake with strawberry filling and buttercream icing. I was very pleased with the outcome!
This cake was for one of my college roommates and teammates. It turned out so elegant and fit perfectly with her reception decor. The cake fit her personality perfectly because it looked elegant on the outside, yet the cake itself was playful--green and blue funfetti! This is probably my favorite wedding cake yet.