Thursday, July 14, 2011

They grow so quickly!

My babies are growing oh so quickly.  It's bittersweet. 

Little Man is at that "terrible two's" stage. He wants to be independent and express himself, but he can't always. He's testing his boundaries. We have good days and BAD days. But thankfully he's still a sweet sweet sweet little boy at heart.  We've forced him to give up the bottle finally.  Which means he won't drink milk at all for now, but I'm hoping after a month or so he'll forget about it and not freak out when I put it in a sippy cup.  We've also made his pacifier something he can only have in bed.  He was not pleased with me the first day, but he's getting used to it now.  Lastly, we are expecting him to talk more.  He's quite the little stinker about refusing to even try, but we seem to be making some progress.

Baby Girl is an angel, but a WILD angel.  She's a pro at crawling and she's getting very quick.  She has also become excellent at pulling herself up to standing.  She tries to get her hands on everything her brother has - especially if it's food.  We have to be much more careful with her around now.  She's full of happy energy.  I've seriously never met a happier baby.  She only cries when she's hungry.  The last few nights she has fallen asleep in my arms while drinking her last bottle.  And I just sit there and hold her for an hour or so.  I know those times are going to be gone before I can even blink my eyes.  I intend to cherish every sweet sleeping baby snuggle I can with her. 

Both pictures are from when we spent the 4th of July at my parents' house.  We visited a farm and Little Man LOVED the tractor.  Baby Girl enjoyed the animals.  The picture of her is after dinner on the 4th - with her dinner all over her sweet little face.  I can't wait for them to be old enough to see the fireworks.  But right now it would be WAAYYY too late to stay up for them.