Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fairy Garden

Töchterchen and I have slowly been adding to her fairy garden set-up over the spring and summer.  We started with her painted pot "house" and "swimming pool". 

Next we cut a table and chairs from a tree branch we found on a hike.

Then Männchen accidently broke a ceramic pot and I remembered an idea from Pintrest on how we could repurpose it.


 That's when things really started to take off.  Now Töchterchen's fairies are becoming quite accessorized and have a rather cozy little set-up.

Bird house and bird bath.


More mushrooms - the large one was on clearance at Target and after purchasing it, I became inspired to make our own, more to our liking.

Table set for tea and cupcakes.
Closer view of the table setting - I couldn't be more pleased with out it turned out!  Turns out the past four years of fondant/cake sculpting were just preparation for another task - sculpting teeny tiny fairy accessories!
The fairies also have a bed for resting up after all the midnight dancing in the flowers.

The whole fairy garden set-up.  I thought only Töchterchen would be interested - oh, how she loves her fairies.  But Männchen loves to get in there and play along with her.

Männchen also has a gnome home!

Check out The Magic Onions fairy garden contest!  We are participating this year.  The other participants have amazing gardens and ideas!