Saturday, March 10, 2012

The New Hot Spot

I've wanted to create a reading nook for the kids for while - well, ever since I finished the playroom.  I looked for ideas online, especially on Pintrest.  I wanted something cozy, cheery, and whimsical.  Justin and I talked about what would work in our space...and this is what we came up with! 

I picked up two 99 cent sheets at the thrift store and for a few dollars just boards we wrapped the fabric around to secure it to the wall/ceiling.  I used scrap fabric for the top piece of the tent (it's the same beehive fabric I made curtains and a crib skirt for the nursery with). I used a lot of smaller scraps to patchwork together a cover for the largest of the pillows. It took awhile and it looks a bit loud, but the kids love it. Jackson has pointed out some of the pieces from other things I've made for the kids.  Soon I will make covers for some of the other smaller pillows also.  The lights were in our kitchen, but we hardly ever used them there.  The felt ball garland was something I had in our craft container (it actually only lasted about a day before my curious babes torn it down- now it's on shorter strands hanging down from the top.)  The pillows came from around the house and right now I have an old comforter and family quilt as the padding on the floor.  When Summerlin is moved into a big girl bed this summer I will use her crib mattress as floor padding.  
 With the curtains closed.
 And open!
 A second view - we also keep a large tub of books in the tent at all times.
And of course I have to include one of my favorite little boy - he absolutely loves this space!  Thursday he spent an hour sitting in the tent reading.  Warmed my heart!