About Us

Welcome to our blog!  I've been doing a lot of recent work on this space and it continues to be a work in progress.  Please hang with me as this space shifts from a blog created to keep family and close friends in the loop on our daily lives to a "public" space centered around our attempts at the simple life, Waldorf inspired living/education, and a love for crafting/creating.  I continue to refine the focus of the blog and I welcome any input!  Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment and follow the blog!

So, why "A Load Of Love"?  First off, it takes loads of love to enjoy life to it's fullest.  Love for the Earth, love for others, love for family, and love for all that you do.  Secondly, it's a play on our last name - Loda.

We are a young family just embarking on our next great adventure - moving to a small college town in Western Virginia so my husband can work on a graduate degree in Statistics.  For the past six years we have lived several hours from family in a beautiful, comfortable, roomy house while my husband was a high school teacher, but in a place that we knew we didn't want to raise our family.  We never thought of that phase of our lives as "living big", but compared to what the next few years hold....it may have been!  In August we moved into a small basement apartment with half the square footage of our former home.  Our income took a drastic cut.  My husband is a full time student and I work part time cleaning houses.  It's not exactly what we envisioned for this point in life, yet we are loving this phase of our life.

Our first great adventure was meeting each other and deciding to spend the rest of our lives together as best friends.  My husband and I met in college - we were both on the track team and we were both math majors.  We were married in June 2008.

The second great adventure came in August 2009 when our sweet son joined our family.  Männchen has taught us more than we ever imagined about slowing our pace of life down and enjoying the small things.  He is ever curious, ever questioning, quiet, and indescribably sweet and thoughtful.


The third great adventure burst onto the scene in November 2010 with the birth of our daughter.  Töchterchen is the most loveable, independent, head strong little girl you will ever meet.  She gives the greatest hugs and kisses imaginable - hands down.  She is spunky, loud, a "go-getter", a total daredevil, and I find myself inspired by her personality on a daily basis.


Before having children, we didn't spend much time thinking about our food choices and their sources, the value of alternative forms of education, and the advantages to homemade or handmade.  We were never extravagant people and we did make a lot of choices that still line up with our current way of life, but we didn't spend much time thinking about why we did the things we did.  Our children forever changed our lives and have helped us to think deeply about the decisions we make for our family and our lives.  In many ways, they are the ones teaching us about life!  We now strive to make our foods from scratch and eat locally as much as possible.  We love many of the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf Education.  We incorporate many of these approaches into our home and lifestyle.  Much of our "free-time" is spent creating and crafting with our own hands.


If I left anything out, just ask!  I love hearing from new people and connecting with others!