Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm not too good at this

Well, once again it's been FOREVER since I've posted anything!  We've been keeping busy with teaching/coaching (Hubby), cakes (me), but mostly just sharing in the amazement at how quickly Little Man is changing and learning.  Eating is one of his favorite activities and he does plenty of it!  We're looking forward to his next doctor's appointment on Friday to see just how much he has grown over the last two months.  He can now grab his rattle with either hand or grab a small stuffed animal with both!  He loves to "jump" (really it's more of an arm workout for Hubby and me) or bounce in his jumperoo.  We're pretty sure he's 110% boy and is going to full of energy for many years to come.  He's already as non-stop as he can be at his age.  Here are some of our favorite pictures from the last few weeks.
Little Man with his great-great-grandmother (Gronnie) on Thanksgiving.
FIVE generations!  Now that is something special!
Santa baby!
We don't think he was too impressed with his first snowfall.  (This snow was not in Newport News.  We were in Vienna with Hubby's parents for the weekend.)
Nakie tummy time!
Fresh and clean little boy.  He still loves bathtime!
Lately Little Man has been going to town in his jumperoo.  He wore himself out on this particular occasion.  After a 5 minute cat nap, he was ready to go again.