Friday, April 23, 2010

2010...the last four months

Here are a few snapshots to sum up January, February, March, and most of April!  I always intend to be better about updates than I am...sorry! 

Rockin' the hat from "Uncle" Jeff.  (mid January)
Little Man's first big snow in late January.  He didn't seem too impressed, but Brady loved it!  We also lost our heat during this storm.  Brady and Little Man ended up in our bed for the night - "cozy" wouldn't be the word for it.  Thankfully our neighbor was able to fix it the next morning.
Happy baby in a box.
Krispy Kreme's newest spokesperson. 
In March Jackson took "swimming" lessons.  The first class we both went in the water with him.  After that, I let Hubby be the only one in with him.  The water was too cold for me. :)
My handsome boys.
Swimming lessons are now over, so Little Man has to settle for playing in the bathtub.  He doesn't seem to mind.  He could splash around in there for an hour if we let him!
For Easter, we went to my parents' house in Blacksburg.  Little Man enjoyed Oma's wonderful pancakes for the first time.
I read somewhere that every child is gifted in some way.  We're quite convinced that Little Man's gift is eating.  We haven't found a single food he doesn't like, he is very good about chewing, and loves to feed himself.  His large motor skills are average (he just started crawling this week - and turned 8 months on Tuesday), but his fine motor skills are advanced.  He has been able to pick up food (cheerios, banana pieces, avocados, etc) with his thumb and forefinger and get it in his mouth deliberately for over a month.  Now we just have to be careful to make sure only the right things make it in his mouth.
Little Man and Brady sharing a snack of cheerios and bananas.

We're planning a family trip to the Norfolk Zoo next week!  I intend to post those pictures right away, so please check back by mid-week.