Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everyday is a new adventure

We were enjoying an evening with friends on our deck, when a policeman stuck his head through the shrubs and told us to go inside.  Apparently there was an "issue involving guns" on the street behind us.  I started having visions of drugs, gangs, etc...but it turns out it was an elderly gentleman who had messed up his medications and was having hallucinations.  He had a gun and refused to surrender it and himself to the police.  It turns out it was one of the houses right behind us.  Our backyard was used as a cut through so the SWAT team could surround the house.  Here you can see several SWAT team members cutting through our yard.  We also saw two snipers walk down our street!  It was quite the ordeal for our quiet little neighborhood!  Thankfully, everything turned out just fine - no shots were fired and the man surrendered around midnight.

Little Man has outgrown his infant tub and has graduated to the "big boy" tub.  Bathtime is still a favorite.  We just have to be even more careful with him now while he's in the tub.  He does not sit still!
Post bathtime runaway.  He also still loves to be naked and finds it absolutely hilarious that he can get away from us now.
Who?  Me?
It's a cute little tushie.
Finally, we managed to get his PJs on and he squeezed in a few minutes of basketball practice while I made his bottle.
Tuesday we went strawberry picking.  Little Man LOVES strawberries, but unfortunately they resulted in terrible diaper rash.  No more strawberries for awhile.
 Little Man is almost always sitting up when we go in to get him in the mornings.  Sometimes he'll pull up to standing once we're in there.  However, this morning was the first time we went in to find him already standing!  He's growing up so fast!
All the crawling, pulling up, and standing has resulted in a lot more bumps and tears.  He's taken a few big spills and even had two accidents where he bumped his mouth (and had a little blood).  Thankfully, at this point all his accidents have been remedied with hugs and kisses.