Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Gnome Home

Since the backyard fairies have been given a cozy spotMännchen decided we must do the same for the gnomes.  He had a few more opinions about what the gnomes would need.
We started with this old piece of log left over from a maple tree that had to be cut down last year.  I made a clay door, windows, and chimney with nails attached to the back.  Männchen helped drill holes into the log and then we glued the pieces into place by gluing the nails into the holes.  I glued them in because I didn't want the kids taking them on and off, running around the yard with clay pieces armed with sharp nail points.

Next I made the gnomes a table and two chairs from small sticks we gathered on a hike.  The gnomes and fairies will eventually have a shared garden, so we started them off with garden fare - cabbage and carrots.

Männchen requested the gnomes have more mushrooms and their own birdbath.  They also have a green birdhouse sitting atop the gnome home, near the chimney.

The entire set-up!  So far the kids have been enjoying moving the pieces around.  The fairies and gnomes seem to be doing a good job of sharing!
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