Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's already August!  When/how did that happen?  Life is really flying by now that we have two kids and I'm not really a fan of it.
Little Man will turn TWO on the 20th.  I feel like he should only be turning one.  There's no way he's old enough to be celebrating his second birthday.  But he is.  He can be such a handful sometimes, but I guess that's to be expected when you're an almost two year old boy.  In honor of that, allow me fill you in on my precious, perfect son.

Hubby and I are convinced he must be incredibly intelligent.  I think other people don't always pick up on how smart he is because he still doesn't talk much.  But we see the things he understands and the concepts he puts together and we are amazed sometimes.  He is like a little sponge.  He is so observant and detail oriented.  Hubby laughs and says he's too much like me because he insists on his bed being made perfectly (covers must be all the way pulled up and smoothed out).  If he sees one of the small area rugs messed up, he'll stop what he's doing to go fix it.  Yesterday he was helping me make icing for his birthday cake and he was the best little helper.  I let him pour the powdered sugar into the mixing bowl and some fell on the floor.  Without being asked, he got off his stool, went to the sink, got the wash cloth and came back to thoroughly clean the floor. 

Can you say PERFECT CHILD?!  Jk.  However, to me, he is the absolute perfect little boy.  Even when he's going a billion miles per hour and insisting on trying to do everything himself, he's still perfect in my eyes.  I guess that's the beauty of being a parent.

When I say Little Man doesn't talk, I mean he doesn't put two or more words together to begin forming sentences.  His vocabulary is constantly expanding, but he's just not putting things together like some of his friends.  His favorite words are Firefighter (which he uses for everything firefighter, firetruck, fire station related), Me (I'm starting to hate this word - he wants to do EVERYTHING by himself, which doesn't always work at his age), and No (another one I'm not a big fan of). 

He loves all things related to firefighting.  Let me correct myself, he is OBSESSED with all things fire related.  We've been to two different firestations twice and he watches Fireman Sam over and over and over and over.  His Mimi's (grandmothers) have decked him out with a firefighter coat, hat, and boots.  We are celebrating his birthday next week at the beach and I'm making him a three tier firefighter cake masterpiece.  I'm SO excited for it. Hubby laughs at me, but Little Man actually gets very excited when he sees my cakes, so I want his to be stunning.  I want to find a t-shirt with a firetruck on it and if money grew on trees I'd buy every firetruck book Barnes and Noble has to offer.

I could go on forever about how amazing and awesome my almost two year old baby boy is.  He really is growing into a remarkable little man.  I am so excited to see how he develops in the next year, but it would be ok with me if time slowed down some so that we could savor all these sweet young moments a little longer. 

Don't worry, his sister is pretty stinkin' awesome also.  I'll fill you in on her more next time.  :)