Friday, July 27, 2012

Creative Summer!

In May we moved the kids into the same room upstairs.  That freed up the small downstairs bedroom to serve as an office, guest room, and most importantly (to me) a crafting/sewing/creating room.  I have had so much fun this summer creating things for my kids! 

I keep saying I'll post pictures once I finish, but as soon as I finish one project, I think of another.  So, here are pictures of most of what has been created in this new, wonderful space.  When I finish up the matching dresses for Summerlin's doll, additional sea creatures, a fun jumper for Summerlin's fall wardrobe, and so many other projects, I'll be sure to post more pictures!

Everything I've done so far I did with fabric and scraps I already had.  Actually, other than the first dress, all was created using leftovers from other projects! 

Just finished this beauty up tonight.  I am SO excited for Summerlin to wear it.  I've had the fabric for nearly a it was about time I actually sat down and sewed it! 

Felt fish with washers and a magnetic fishing pole.  I was able to sew the fish with scraps of felt I already had and the pole was left over from a flag we were given on the 4th of July.  The only thing I had to buy was the washers!  Yay for (nearly) free creations!

My first pillowcase dress!  My mom was in town and helped show me a few new stitches on the machine, along with a few sewing tricks.  It helped sew the curve of the sleeves.  Again, another thing made with scraps/fabric we already had!  (We still have at least two yards of the Steelers fabric.  I don't know where it came from or what I'm going to do with it all.  More PJ shorts for Jackson?)

Meet Ivan Jack!  He was my first doll as a little girl.  He was passed down to close family friends.  Around the time Summerlin was born, he was sent to live with us.  Jackson has really taken to him.  He likes to play "little daddy", as he calls it.  I think it really speaks to what a wonderful father Justin is - Jackson mimics almost everything he does during his play with Ivan Jack.  Jackson requested a few things for him.  The first was clothes - he picked out this fabric.

Ivan Jack and Summerlin's doll both needed diapers.  I made two for each.  Ivan Jack's are from this soft golf themed flannel.  Summerlin's doll has two different pink ones.  All four have velcro closures.

This is the diaper opened up.

Ivan Jack also need PJs and a quilt to "match" Jackson's.  I didn't have any leftovers of all the fabric in Jackson's quilt, but I did still have some of most and I was able to fill in with the blue minky fabric - which helped co-ordinate with his PJs.

I'm not the only one busy creating this summer.  The kids have been spending a lot more time coloring, painting, playing with play-doh and creating their own projects.  Here are our "Hungry Caterpillars".  They turned out great and both kids play with them all the time.  I've really enjoyed being able to do more things with them and not having to worry about Summerlin putting everything in her mouth.  It has certainly helped make evenings easier.  I can set them up at the table with crayons or play-doh while I make dinner.  SO much better than the TV they used to watch during that time.  In fact, they probably only watch TV for about 15 minutes a few times a week.  I'm so happy to have creative, curious kids that are more interested in play or reading books than in watching television.

In other news around here, we took down the train table in the playroom.  It really opens up the room and gives us more floor space for setting up BIG train tracks.  Besides crafts and playing outside, this has been a top choice of activities lately.

Jackson is really starting to crack us up with the things he says.  This morning he was up early and was talking with Justin before he left for work.  When Justin told him he had to go to work, Jackson asked "Daddy, go to work and get bacon?"  Yeup.   I may have said (on several occasions) daddy goes to work to "bring home the bacon" since mama stays at home.  He took that pretty literal.  He also requested Justin pick up some cinnamon rolls to go with the bacon.  I guess he hasn't realized that I make the cinnamon rolls from scratch.  Which reminds me, I need to make more cinnamon rolls...

Summerlin is constantly talking more and more in general.  She doesn't pronounce everything great, but she is getting very good at communicating her desires/requests/demands to us.  I can't wait for her to REALLY start talking.  I know that girl is going to have A LOT to say.

Justin has been working hard teaching summer school and in his classes.  So far his lowest grade all summer is a 98 on the last test.  I've never been more proud of him.  He is such a dedicated husband and father.  He really is working his ass off to bring home that bacon!