Sunday, November 13, 2016


This season of the year always seem to help us slow down.  Fall soccer has ended, the sun goes down earlier, the temperatures are (hopefully) beginning to drop, and without fail around this time of year the germs begin creeping in, forcing nearly everything to really slow down.

We celebrated Martinmas on Friday - complete with watercolor lanterns and fall baking for friends.

Mannchen was diagnosed with pneumonia last Wednesday.  We have spent a lot of time reading, crafting, playing games, and to be honest, watching TV.  I cannot fully put into words how much I have enjoyed seeing a shift in the kids through more time at home.  The bickering subsided and the creativity increased.  I haven't seen them play together like they have recently in months, maybe years.  It reminded me so much of our preschool days.  I wish I could hold onto that gift of time and peace.  It's a great reminder to keep our weekends open for time to be, not activities outside the home.

The extra time at home also gave me a chance to do a little extra baking.  I tried a new recipe - pumpkin cinnamon swirl bread.  I will bake this again ASAP.

They even initiated some cleaning, together, cooperatively.  AMAZING.

I always feel the deepest love for my children, but lately I can't quite put words together to describe how filled I am with gratitude for these two children in particular.  They are growing so quickly and quite honestly, I don't like it.  I can't slow down how quickly they are growing, but that doesn't stop me from wishing I could.  

So, instead, I'll just focus on the gratitude that dwells in my heart.