Monday, June 13, 2011

And it all falls apart

Well, my last post was all about our parenting style.  At that point in time I felt like we were on the right track.  I mean, we even took our kids out to eat and they were perfect angels!  How much better does it get?  Then suddenly (yesterday) the terrible twos hit.  Or maybe a crazed maniac took over our son's mind and body.  Either way, we're back to feeling like we have no clue what were doing. 

Latest antics with Little Man:

1.  Pushing his sister over.  Baby Girl has FINALLY mastered sitting.  I guess Little Man has taken it upon himself to really put her to the test.  If we aren't right on top of it, he will push her forward.  She doesn't get how to stop herself, so it's nose/face/forehead to the carpet.   Which means screaming by all because she's mad (and when the little princess is mad, she lets you know) and hurt and Little Man goes to time-out which always means screaming by him.  Joys.  I guess there are two good ways to look at it - she'll be tough and hopefully she will quickly learn how to catch herself.  In the meantime, I can no longer turn my back on the two of them, even for a second.  Or to pee.  Or to get someone a bottle.  Or anything else.

2.  Temper tantrums over the most ridiculous things.  UGHHHH.  SO MANY TEMPER TANTRUMS.  It makes me want to throw one.  Instead, I wait until bedtime and enjoy a much deserved/earned beer.  Or two. 

3.  Throwing things - food and juice cups in particular.  One day it was a bowl full of yogurt.  I considered making him skip breakfast.  But I know I can't really do that to a 21 month old.  Instead, it was back to timeout, then a second attempt at breakfast.

4.  Poor afternoon naps.  I feel like this is making the entire situation worse.

I wonder if he's getting his two year molars.  When I tried to check, he tried to bite down on my finger.  So it remains a mystery.  Maybe he's getting sick or something.  Or maybe it's just a passing phase.  Until then, we're keeping the fridge stocked with cold beers.  (jk, sort of.)