Friday, June 15, 2012

A Busy, Creative Week!

This week has been a beautiful, creative, productive week at our house!  I was determined to get a few half finished crafting projects completed and I had a few others in mind for the kids.  We had a wonderful week of playing and creating together!  The best part was, to cap it all off, Justin's school year ended yesterday and today we had a great family day together.  We went to the local "farm park" as Jackson calls it, had a picnic on the deck, and after dinner we roasted marshmallows together around the firepit.  I do believe this summer is going to be our best yet!

First up on my projects to finish list were these felt/fabric letters for the kids.  I've been tinkering with them for at least two was time to wrap it up.  I even made a bag for them to go in, per Jackson's request!

Closer view.  Each letter is about three inches tall.

This is the bag before I added the drawstring to the top.

I also finished making hay bales (small and large) and loose hay for the kids' barn.

A lot of imaginative play has been going on in this barn. 

The flowers (and herbs) in our yard are in full bloom!  I love having fresh cut flowers and herbs around the house.

This is one of my favorites.  The mint and lavender in it are divine!

The kids and I painted suns Thursday evening.  Jackson really got into it.  Summerlin was interested for about three minutes, which is to be expected at her age.

After Jackson's dried I wrote a poem/blessing on it (I did not write it, I got it from an ebook from Little Acorn Learning, a Waldorf based education website).  We've been trying to remember to say it before each meal.

The print is small in the picture, so here are the words:
"Earth who gives us this food,
sun who makes it ripe and good,
dear sun above
and earth below
our loving thanks to you we show."

Then we added, "Thank you God. Amen" to the end.

And to finish it all off, here are a few pictures from this evening's firepit!  I was hoping we might see a few lighting bugs too, but they weren't out early enough.

She's pretty cute, and squishy and sweet like a marshmallow.