Saturday, August 18, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I am....

thankful my cold is finally clearing up, even though it is still difficult to breathe.

laughing at myself for finding it so important to make homemade granola, bread, and everything else in order to keep our diets as preservative free and healthy as possible...while I sit eating Oreo cookies.

loving the slight pumpkin spice aroma filling the house from the pumpkin spice/seed granola currently baking in the oven.

eagerly anticipating the arrival of fall - even if it is months away, seeing as we live in one of the hottest, most humid places I've ever lived.

excited to begin planting lettuce, swish chard, broccoli, onions, sweet potatoes, and garlic.

choosing to ignore how badly my floors need to be vacuumed. 

enjoying the quite of a house full of napping babies.

feeling a bit emotional that my sweet little man turns THREE in two days.  Time can't truly pass that quickly, can it?

frustrated with the scarf I'm trying to knit. 

happy with the other scarf I did make - my first with multiple colors and with a stockinette stitch.

missing my crafting/sewing space that was reclaimed by my baby girl for her own room. 

overjoyed that bedtime has returned to an easy event in our household.

bummed that sharing a room just doesn't fit the extremely opposite bedtime/waking personalities of my sweet babies.

wondering how long I can continue to refer to them as babies.

saying good-bye because it is time to knead bread!

"Right Now" post was inspired by Soule Mama's "Right Now" posts.