Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Therapeutic Mornings

When I started baking bread, I relied on my stand mixer for every bit of kneading I possibly could.  But over the past two years, I've fallen in love with the process of baking bread and have come to find a therapeutic quality to kneading bread.  It used to be the most dreaded step in the whole process for me, in fact I didn't bake bread for years because of the kneading (it just took so long).  But now, on weeks when I need a little "therapy", I set my alarm extra early on Wednesdays and rise before the rest of the house to sneak in a little time alone in the kitchen. 
This morning was one of those mornings that happens so infrequently, but replenishes my soul in a way that is beyond my understanding.  Just me, a cup of coffee, and a fresh batch of dough.  
Taking it from this ragged mess....
to this smooth ball of nourishment for my family.

Monday was Martinmas and while we will be celebrating with our lantern walk a bit later in the week, we wish you all a blessed Martinmas and hope you are able to carry the warmth and giving spirit of St. Martin with you throughout this holiday season.