Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter is Creaping In

Winter has started to make an occasional appearance.  Our family hasn't experienced much winter weather (or a true winter for that matter) for the past several years, so we are excited.  I love different aspects of each season, but winter used to be my least favorite.  Now, I crave the chance to draw inward that this season creates.  We spend so much of the warmer months outdoors, the chance to cozy up inside is a welcome change.

The rhythm of our days changes with the season.  In the summer, we're up and at 'em quickly.  We're finding that the chilly mornings cause us to linger in bed longer...usually all piled together in our big bed, squeezing in every chance we can get to snuggle with our sweet babies while they still want to cuddle with us.  Some mornings it hits me that these years are limited and I am so happy that we have the time and chance to soak them in while they are still upon us.

And when we can no longer deny our rumbling bellies, it's into the kitchen we go.  Cold mountain mornings call for a hot breakfast, prepared by little helping hands.

Oh yes, I do love these cold mountain mornings and the memories they create.