Saturday, December 21, 2013

Impressions on my Heart

I wish I was able to capture all of life's beautiful moments on my camera.  For starters, it would help if I remembered to take my camera with me more often...or if I would remember to pull it out more often when I do remember to bring it along.  But I suppose the main reason why this doesn't happen is so many of life's most precious moments aren't able to be captured with a camera.

This past week was filled with a long road trip to see very dear friends.  All the moments of watching our children play together and all the laughter and tears shared among us are memories to be held in our hearts.  There were late nights of sharing our joys and sorrows.  There was good food and good wine (translation: available, liquid).

It was filled with evenings of driving two very excited children around town to see Christmas lights.  Listening to the excitement in their voices, exclaiming "Kissmas Ights!" and "No, you look on your side, I look on my side!" and "Mama, can we listen to Drummer Boy again?!", brought a joy to my heart that only children can provide.

It was filled with Advent activities that never materialized, but instead became afternoons of hot chocolate with copious amounts of marshmallows.

It was filled with mornings which fade into afternoons, spent catching up on crafts with new friends.

It was filled with an evening of walking through the live Nativity scene twice, at the pace of an observant four year old boy.  Watching him soak in each scene of the Christmas story, and holding each one in his heart.

It was spent celebrating the winter solstice with family and neighbors, in a full but joyous kitchen.

Sure, there are a few pictures here and there of pieces of these moments, but mostly there is the impression they have all left on my heart.  And right now my heart is oh so full.