Tuesday, December 3, 2013


You know that feeling when you want something so bad that you just crave it?  I mean crave it from the deepest part of your soul.

Sometimes this is how I feel about wanting land and a small farm for a self-sustaining lifestyle.  I just want to sit on the front porch of my old farmhouse and look out at my children running in the yard, along with a gaggle of hens, with a few lazy bloodhounds laying underfoot.  Near the house there's an ever-growing garden - filled with vegetables that we will freeze, and can, and eat throughout the year.  A little farther out is an area with fruit trees and bushes, growing larger with each passing season.  There's a random collection of other livestock - not too much, but taking it one animal at a time, adding what we are comfortable with.  At Christmas time, we will hike through our property, looking for the "perfect" tree, and cut one of our own to bring in and decorate - knowing all the while that it's not perfect, but our land supplied it and we love it just the same.

I dream of this life.  We talk about when we will have this life.

But as much as we want it, right now we are here, in 700 square feet of basement apartment.  We are blessed enough to have a small gardening area and all the benefits of life in town.

And as much as we dream about this life, we are thankful to be learning so much about finding the blessings in what we do have right here, right now. We are in the midst of finding the contentment in less than our dream life, but in the journey to get there. 

Life isn't always about getting to the destination.  It's about slowing down enough to listen to the lessons we are being taught in the journey.  And in the meantime, we get to savor the moments like these.

Ah.  Yes.  Life isn't always what we imagine, but it is still a mighty fine life we live.