Friday, February 27, 2015

Time is Fleeting

For the past year or more, I haven't been taking the time to really blog about life.  I'm hoping to get back to doing that more, but re-creating habits can be difficult.  I've struggled with what to write about - what should be private as we figure out our direction for our family in relation to my decisions surrounding school and work, how much should I share about the kids as they get older, and so forth.

But one thing I know I want to continue to share in this space with absolute certainty are the little moments that capture my heart.  Parenthood is filled with those moments and part of sharing them is holding onto them, while letting the frustrating "are you freakin' kidding me!!!" moments fade away. 

Yesterday morning, on yet another snow day, Mannchen crawled into our bed for snuggles.  The kids usually start the morning this way on days off and weekends, so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary.  But after Hubby and Töchterchen got up to get breakfast, Mannchen and I continued to snuggle (he is the biggest cuddle bug you'll ever encounter).  He laid his sweet little five and a half year old head on my chest, looked up at me with his sweet blue eyes, and whispered "I love you mama."  And my heart just melted.  As I held him a little closer it hit me, the moments like these are limited.  The years of being able to snuggle my little sweetie can't last forever.  And I'm ok with that, but it reminds me to soak up their little kids sweetness while I can. 

And boy is it sweet.