Friday, March 13, 2015

On Our Shelves

In our house books are loved.  Very well loved.

Starting when the kids were very young, I collected a variety of "seasonal" books that we could rotate through year after year.  The kids are just not reaching the age where they remember the books from one year to the next.  Some are much bigger hits than others..  Some are tied to memorable activities or events.  Some just don't blend well with our interests and are phased out after a few tries.

In Southwest Virginia, spring is on the horizon.  And so, accordingly we have brought out our favorite spring books.  I don't know if I just happen to love these books the most, or if it's the welcome warmth and rebirth that spring brings, or if it's because it was during the spring three years ago that we really started to find purpose and clarity to our family's way of living life, but these books feel extra special this year.  After a period of higher stress and extra cold days, these books seem to bring us back in sync with our family's personal journey through the year and ground us back into our sweet, simple life.

And quite frankly, some of these books are just to wonderful to keep them to ourselves.  So, currently on our shelves you will find these gems:

The Story of the Root Children
How Robin Saved Spring - Of all the books we own, this may be one of my absolute favorites
St. Patrick's Day in the Morning
A Fine St. Patricks Day

The Easter Story - Mannchen has started to ask a lot of deeper questions about faith and Easter during/after reading this book.  I think this book is a good starting point for very young ones and a good starting point for deeper conversations with children as they grow older.

What favorites are on your shelves this spring?