Sunday, March 11, 2012

The week of crafting comes to an end

I was able to do a lot of crafting/sewing over my spring break - exactly my plan.  Of course, there are still tons of projects I would like to do, but all in all I am happy with what I was able to do.  I learned how to knit, which took me awhile.  I'm enjoying it, but still working on just trying to make it not look like crap.  I have a few ideas of things to make for the kids, which I hope to complete by Easter.  Not sure if I'll have the time though.

One of my "must-do" items was to make cloth napkins.  Jackson is obsessed with napkins and frankly his love for them is getting costly.  A messy two year old can go through 3-5 napkins/meal if you're not careful.  I didn't want to buy cloth ones at the store because I wanted them to be much smaller.  I found these two prints at the fabric store for only $2.50 a yard and bought a yard of each.  I cut each yard into twelve rectangles, stitched them first with right sides together, then flipped them right sides out and did a double stitch around the edge.  It was a super quick project and so far they are well loved.  Only problem is I have realized twelve is probably not going to be enough to last several days - we might need another dozen. 

I think this summer I will make a set or two of placemats for us also!  I just need to find more clearance fabric first!

I thought I'd leave you with a picture of our sweet baby girl - who is growing up WAY too fast.  This is what happens when you grow so quickly and you have a big brother.  Luckily, she loves dinosaurs and was excited to snuggle into bed in her new PJs!