Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Playing...Lots of Playing

We have a new first Saturday of each month tradition - the free children's workshop at Home Depot followed by our monthly stock-up trip to Costco and lunch.  Jackson loves the children's workshops (he gets to use a hammer and paint - how can he not love it?!).  I love that Justin goes with me to Costco.  And we all love Costco pizza for lunch!  Of course, this last time Jackson wouldn't stop whining and Summerlin wouldn't stop shreeking - so no lunch out.  We came home for rice and bean burritos (good, but definitely not what I was craving).  This is basically the only meal we "eat out", guess we'll have to wait another month before we can have that "fine dining" experience. 

 Little Miss Sassafrass finally has enough hair for a "ponytail", a small one at least.  
 Playing with the cars and train - I'm so glad both kids are enjoying the train table so much!

 You know, just another peaceful meal at the Loda house.
 No, we don't have wild, silly kids at all.
 Especially not this one.
 I participated in a large consignment sale this past weekend.  I sold a good amount of the kids old summer clothes and found some good deals for this upcoming summer.  I also found a second monkey "backpack".  Now the kids have matching ones and they want to wear them ALL THE TIME.  I took the tails/leash off and let them wear them around the house, around the house, in the store, everywhere.  I also found this adorable (rediculous?) strawberry skirt for Summerlin.  She loves it.  Check out her fashion style.
Side note - this is the third pair of pants I put on her this morning.  The first two were too short.  I also just realized two pairs of shoes are too small.  She was off the charts in height at her 15 month appointment a month ago.  Why is she still growing?!  If she grows much more before summertime, she'll be wearing her brother's old 2T clothes.  I am not putting out anymore money on winter clothing for her.

 These next few images were actually taken by Jackson!  Not bad for a 2 1/2 year old!

Lovin' on her baby.
 Not quite, but still cute.
 Another good one.