Friday, November 30, 2012

My therapy

Rhythm soothes us all.  Babies are calmed by rocking or patting on their bottoms.  Rhythm to our days gives us grounding and stability.  The steady beat of music is soothing. 

My rhythm of choice is running.  Nothing calms my mind more than than a good steady run.  When life becomes more than I can take, the greatest therapy I know is hitting the pavement. 

My irrational thoughts become rationalized.  My impulses are calmed.  My problems find solutions.  Thoughts come into my head and the steady beat of my feet on the ground smoothes them into polished ideas. 

When I don't have enough of the steady beating of my feet on the pavement, the hard things become harder.  Running is my time for meditation.  I need the space of the open road and the quiet of my thoughts - no double jogging stroller, no dog.  I become so wrapped up in my thoughts that the running itself becomes effortless.  Mile after mile passes without much notice.  I just go until everything has been reflected upon and all my thoughts are organized.  Then I stop - no more, no less than needed.

Running is my therapy.