Monday, November 19, 2012

Sweet Töchterchen

Dear Töchterchen,

You're two now.  And you're fabulous.  Just the way you are.  You are smart, sassy, beautiful, confident, and undeniably headstrong.  While some of those qualities make it a little more difficult to parent you, I pray that they will pay off BIG time for you in the long run.  Each and every one of them makes you you.  And YOU are so easy to love you for who you are, just the way you are.

A year ago I was struggling to deal with you turning one.  I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I was losing my baby as you transitioned into toddlerhood.  But this past year with you has been so much fun.  You are becoming an independent little lady with strong opinions and great ideas.  Most days, nobody tells you what to do.  Your daddy and I pray you keep that up in your teen years.  You are a smart one - no denying that.  I can't wait to see what the next year with you brings.  I can't wait to start hearing all your thoughts and ideas.  Your language skills are developing with each passing day and it's so exciting to hear more and more of what's going on in that pretty little head of yours.

You love your babies and we constantly refer to you as a "little mommy".  You feed them, tuck them in with you at night, love to have us change their clothes, but I think your favorite is pushing them around in your stroller.  You love tea parties, Cinderella, and playing in your kitchen.  You're starting to love books.  Having you snuggle up in my lap is one of the best parts of being your mama.  You know your colors - your favorites are pink and purple.  Mannchen taught you how to count to three.  Many days it comes out as "Three, two, one, two, one, two, one, three....", but I know you're getting there and I'm amazed that you know all you do.  With each week you become more focused on the details of your life - you like to make decisions and do as much as you can on your own.  You are tough as shit.  Pardon my language, but girl, you are TOUGH.  I feel sorry for anyone that comes up against you in sports.  You love to help me in the kitchen.  The trickiest part about having you help cook is you want to taste as much as possible while we're making it.  Right now one of your chores is to set the table.  I love that you know who gets which plate, fork, etc.  You are loud and you think it's hilarious.  You love to pretend you don't understand just to see how much you can get away with, but your daddy and I have caught on to your tricks.  And now that you're also understanding consequences you've learned that it's better to listen than get in trouble.

I hope that you are always as confident in yourself and your body as you are when you do the "naked dance" to that obnoxious singing dinosaur each night before bathtime. Now, let me be clear - that in NO way means you should flaunt or put your body on display. I just wish for you that you always accept and love yourself. You are beautiful and I hope you never fail to see that in yourself. You aren't beautiful because of what you wear or how your hair is fixed. Even when you're grown you will always be more beautiful to me first thing in the morning with your hair a mess than when you're all fixed up with make-up on. You are beautiful because you are beautiful. You are beautiful because you are confident, smart, and ours. Your daddy and I honestly believe there has never been a more gorgeous Töchterchen. Even when you're going through that awkward puberty stuff, you will still be number one in our eyes. I hope you will always see it too.

Sometimes I like to think about what my grandmother would think of you. You are named in her honor.  She was known to the family as the "Queen". In that regard, you're living up to her in everyway. You certainly try to rule this roost. I think she would admire your spunk and whit - but I also think she would have met her match in you and may have been interesting to see. I wish you could have known her.

I consider myself the luckiest mama in the world because you are my daughter (and your brother is my son).  You are the sweetest baby girl.  Your hugs and kisses make my days brighter.  Your smile makes this world a better place and your laughter brightens the gloomiest days.  When I see you and your brother playing sweetly or snuggling in your new (to you) big girl bed, my heart melts.  I know that what I'm seeing in front of me is what life is all about.  You two may fight like cats and dogs at times, but mostly you're best buds.

When your daddy and I peak in on you sleeping you look like an angel.  To us, you are and will always be our baby girl and one of life's greatest blessings.  We love you so much sweet Töchterchen.

Happy 2nd birthday Töchterchen