Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Little bit of catch up

It's been busy around here...as always.

The kids went to my parents' house for a week before Halloween.  I thought I could conquer the world in that week...only to realize that even though I had more time without the kids around, I am still not Superwoman.  So I had to settle for "only" accomplishing having the most immaculately clean house in the world (or at least in the past three years since JB was born - three years of dirt in some of those nooks and crannies, is a lot of dirt); two 60 year old windows stripped of old cracked glazing and prepped for new, fresh glazing (but no time to actually glaze them - btw "glazing" is the stuff that goes around each individual pane of glass that weatherproofs the window on the exterior side); and one wedding cake, one Elmo cake, one Halloween birthday cake, and two regular ol' "Happy Birthday" cake cakes.  We also went to two weddings over the weekend the kids were gone and one was up in Northern VA.  Wow.  I'm tired just thinking back on how much work I put in that week...and crazy me thought I could do even more.  I had hoped to finish the windows, strip and repaint our bottom cabinets, start on Summerlin's quilt, and make a wedding gift for one of the weddings we attended....and maybe, just maybe, tear out our old carpet and refinish the hardwood floors.  Ohh how I make myself laugh. 

The kids got home the Monday before Halloween and I had to rush to get their costumes made on time.  Thankfully they weren't anything elaborate and came together quite easily.  Jackson was a firefighter.  Anyone who knows him shocked about that one?  Summerlin was a fairy princess...or something like that.  Basically she had on a tutu, carried a wand, and wore as much flower/pink/purple/girly stuff as we could put together.  The only answer I could get from her on a costume was that she wanted it to be pink and purple.  We accomplished that for sure. 

The following weekend was CNU's Homecoming football game.  We tailgated and went to the game.  It was a blast.  We were impressed with CNU's tailgating experience.  Justin's best buds since childhood came down and so did his parents.  It was a full house and totally worth it.  Plus, Grandparents = free professional babysitters during the game. 

Last Wednesday evening we left for Blacksburg again for a long weekend, including going to the Tech vs. FSU football game.  After tailgating at Tech, maybe CNU's one small parking lot wasn't so gigantic...  My mom's younger brothers also came into town with their combined six boys for the weekend.  Some of my cousins are far closer in age to my children than me - kinda funny to think about sometimes!  Jackson absolutely loved playing with them and they were incredibly sweet and gentle with our kids.  I was so impressed.  They played with play-doh, Mr. Potato Head, Candy Land, and had a huge wrestling match on the living room floor to conclude the evening.  I hope we can see them more often!

While we were at my parents' Jackson realized he can peddle a bike.  Summerlin realized she can climb out of a crib.  One is awesome.  The other not so much.  Once we got home, Justin put away her crib and moved one of the twin beds from Jackson's room into Summerlin's room.  Our hope is that after the holidays, we can move them into the same room.  We tried it in May and it was way too much party, not enough sleep.  Hopefully, once Summerlin is used to sleeping in a twin bed, she will be able to handle sharing a room.  She was way too young when we tried before and all she did was play and run around for hours.  Just this afternoon I peaked in on her and she had thrown everything off her bed, packed a bag full of PJs to go to "Ruth's house" (that's what the kids call my mom), and added two skirts under her dress and a pair of pants.  It was a lovely outfit.  Finally she did settle down and nap, but it didn't happen as quickly as I had hoped.  It never does.

 Oh crap, forgot to mention.  Summerlin turned two.  Wow, what a fabulous mom I am.  That's a pretty fabulous milestone.  Ironically, since turning two she has become much milder mannered, listens better, and is INCREDIBLY sweet.  I'm starting to think she just likes to buck expectations.  You've gotta watch that one, trust me on that.  She's going to do great things in life, I know it.

There you go.  Our last several weeks in a nutshell.