Monday, December 31, 2012

Closing out 2012

I would love to catch you all up on all of our Advent crafting, Christmas activities, and all the other holiday happenings in our humble abode...but that would take awhile and I only have a few moments before my sweet hubby finishes making our special, adult only New Year's Eve dinner. 

What I do want to do is commemorate another year of great blessings and time with the people I love most.  Some days/weeks/months are tough around here - financially, marriage, parenting, everything all together.  Others are easy, careless, and beautiful.  But the point is, at the end of another year, we all have fallen even more in love with each other.  We all have grown individually and as a family.  We all have begun to further establish our family traditions.  And Hubby and I have deepened the resolve in each of us that shapes the direction our family will take and the ways that we will raise our children in an often chaotic world.  The days of 2012 have been filled with tons of love and extreme chaos...and still overriding it all is the sense of peace that we find by having each other.

Just a glimpse of the ever appropriate way that we closed out 2012!