Sunday, December 9, 2012

For those band-aid lovin' kids

Do your kids love band-aids?  Mine are obsessed with them.  I think they would easily go through a box a day if I let them...but I don't because they cost money and I am cheap.  They want one for the smallest of "boo-boos" and for all the imaginary wounds they dream up during their play.  I needed an alternative that was quick, cheap, and easy.  And this is what I came up with - felt and velcro band-aids.

 Mama had a boo-boo on her wrist.
We made a wide variety of sizes and colors - ones to fit mama and daddy arms and legs, all the way down to ones small enough to fit toddler fingers (not pictured here because they are on a sleeping toddler at the moment).

I thought I'd offer a quick how-to for how I whipped these together with my little helpers one morning.  I let the kids pick out the colors from our felt collection.  We cut a variety of strips ranging for 1/2" wide up to about 3" wide, at varying lengths.  I rounded the edges of each strip to give it a band-aid shape. 

I cut squares (actually, more like rectangles) of white felt and sewed them to the middle of each strip - nothing fancy, just a straight stick with thread of your desired color.  On that same side, to one end sew one or two pieces of velcro.  It doesn't matter if it's the soft or rough side of the velcro.  On the band-aid pictured below I sewed two horizontal strips (with the soft part of the velcro) on this side to allow for more flexibility in the circumference of the band-aid when wrapped closed.

Flip over the felt piece and sew the other piece or pieces of velcro on the opposing end.  I used only one vertical strip.  I did this to cut down on the amount of velcro used, mostly because I was running low.  On the next band-aid I used the inverse pieces and had two horizontal pieces of rough velcro and one vertical piece of soft on the other end.

Wrapped closed.

And that's it.  You're done.  Nothing fancy at all, but they have been a huge hit around here.  Mannchen especially enjoys using them when playing firefighter/parametic.  Töchterchen has now decided she would like some pink and purple ones.  I guess this mama better get more velcro soon!