Friday, January 11, 2013

:: Right Now ::

Right now I am...

:: listening to Mannchen tell Hubby what we learned today in "school".

:: wishing I'd planted twice as much broccoli, three times as much spinach, and at least four times as much swiss least...maybe twice that. 

:: joyful it's Friday.

:: thankful for a three year old that will eat anything, provided I tell him it is "firefighter" food first.

:: trying to embrace the "spunk" of our two year old...and at the same time finding myself in love with her sass and complete "daddy's girl" attitude.

:: wishing winter would come to Southeast Virginia.

:: excited Hubby's application to Tech is complete!!!

:: terrified of how our rhythm and daily life may change if Hubby goes back to school full-time and I have to work part-time.

:: loving the flow of our days recently.  The kids play well together, independent of me.  Our mornings have found the flow and rhythm I always hoped for.

:: laughing at how independent my babies insist on being.

:: silently cursing myself for ordering wipes from amazon, but accidentally scheduling the first delivery for February, not January.  Now we're out and I'm praying no one poops until I go to the store tomorrow morning.

:: realizing a clean house is way over rated and finding peace in the mess that is our life. 

:: falling further in love with my precious little family by the day.  Family is the greatest gift.

"Right Now" post was inspired by Soule Mama's "Right Now" posts.