Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week 2 - Snow and Ice

Well, I've kept it up for two weeks in a row now...our second week of homeschooling is another success.  This week we're learning about snow and ice.  Next week we will continue to learn about snow, ice, and winter weather.  Ironically, it's crazy warm here right now.  Sunday has a high in the lower 70s.  I think it's confusing the kids.

This week we added Circle Time to our homeschooling adventure.  We have a song to start it - the singing really helps get the kids' attention and bring us together.  Then I have several other songs and poems we say together.  They enjoy doing each one two or three times.  I like that because they are trying to learn them!  This week's favorite is a little song about a snowman that goes to the same tune as "I'm a Little Teapot".  I've been trying to read a book during this time too, but sometimes we get a little too excited while singing.  To end the time, I have another song about fairies and giants that leads the kids to the table for our craft and a short alphabet lesson.  It's starting to become a little more of our daily routine, which gives me confidence that soon it will be and once it is, it will be so much easier to keep it up!

This week's blackboard drawing and poem.

"Snow" decorations for the windows - contact paper with tissue paper, sequins, and glitter!

Check out that mess!  We were having FUN!  One day after naps we made snowflake cutouts from coffee filters and enjoyed popcorn with hot cocoa...despite the warm temps outdoors.

All cleaned up and we now have a fully decorated window.

Snow covered trees.  Earlier in the week, I had the kids water color a large piece of paper in blues and purples.  I cut out a tree trunk shape and LOTS of small squares of white tissue paper.  The kids glued everything together.  This was Töchterchen's...I helped her.

This was Mannchen's.  He wanted no part of doing the craft the way I intended.  I struggle with forcing him to follow directions or keeping the peace and letting him showcase his own artistic desires.  Today, I kept the peace and he really enjoyed his way of doing things.  Plus, he was so proud of his "super cool" tree when he finished.

This week's nature table.  It's hard to see, but there are paper snowflakes on our tree.

Hubby and his dad cut out this rainbow from a scrap of wood.  I painted it this week for the kids.  They've enjoyed it a lot!  I'm excited to incorporate it into our lessons in the spring - St. Patty's Day and when we discuss rain and rainbows after the rain!