Monday, November 21, 2011

More Thankfuls

Well, today is the 21st and I've only posted 7 things I'm thankful for so here are 14 more.  Some serious.  Some not.

8.  Coffee.  Said it once, saying it again.  I can't live without it.  Lots of it.

9.  Healthy, growing children.  I may go broke keeping them clothed, but I am so thankful that my children are overall healthy and growing like little weeds.

10.  My mini-van.  I never thought I'd like driving one, but it does make like a lot easier.

11.  Being able to stay at home with my kids.  I know not everyone can, but I am forever grateful for a husband that equally values our children and their development over money. 

12.  Getting into grad school.  I'm scared about going back.  I'm not looking forward to being away from my family two evenings a week.  But I'm thankful for the opportunity to start working towards a longtime goal of mine.  (For the record, I still don't really want to go back to work.  I just like school.  And yes, I want my PhD just for the sake of earning it.  I am crazy.)

13.  Such a loving, supportive in-laws.  I love Hubby's parents.  His mom is so helpful with the kids and his dad is the best at getting Hubby motivated to start and finish home projects.  I've never met a more inclusive family and I couldn't be happier to be a part of it!  Plus they are a lot of fun! 

14.  Our house.  It's not new.  It's not fancy.  It's perfect.  It's overflowing with warmth and love.  I like that it's a little on the cozy side.  Sure, I'd love a kitchen (and bath) four times the size of ours that includes a dishwasher, but I wouldn't trade this house for anything right now.  I bought it four years ago when I was a single woman.  I was glad for the extra space - thinking eventually I'd fill it with a family.  Well, that happened much quicker than I ever expected.  I'm so thankful for our huge back yard.  Our three bedrooms.  That we own it and don't have to rent.  The AMAZING deck my hubby built.  The actual laundry room/kitchen extension my hubby also built (It originally had a concrete floor and cardboard walls.  Literally, they were pieces of cardboard instead of drywall.)  But I know that most of the reason why I love this house is because this is where my family started.  This is the first house Hubby and I owned.  It's the house our kids came home from the hospital to.  It's where we're raising our family.  I've never lived in one house more than four years and I know we'll still be here for several more years.  I'm going to be pretty emotional when we leave it...even if it is for our dream "forever" home.

15.  Red wine.  I'm enjoying a glass right now.  It's been a busy, long, wonderful day.  Red wine is a yummy way to relax.

16.  My girlfriends Kendall and Elizabeth.  Kendall and I have been BFF since 10th grade - and now we're raising our boys (that are only 5 weeks apart) in the same town.  It's wonderful.  Elizabeth and I were college roommates all four years and now we too are raising our kids together.  Both of these wonderful women have stood by me through thick and thin.  I know I've been a terrible friend at times, but they still love me (who knows why).  I am eternally grateful to them.

17.  Hubby.  If I was thankful for coffee twice, I get to be thankful for Hubby twice.  I couldn't ask for a better father to my children.  Baby Girl is the BIGGEST Daddy's girl ever - in fact he even had a little chat with her yesterday about not abusing it.  Funniest thing ever.  Little Man looks up to his Daddy so much.  You can just tell he is his hero right now.  I wouldn't want it any other way.  He's the best and he's mine.  :)

18.  Running.  Running comes pretty naturally to me.  It's the best release.  I love the feeling of running.  I love being able to get such a simple form of exercise - just me, my shoes, and the open road.

19.  Debt free living.  If you consider a mortgage debt, then this isn't true.  But I am so thankful we are able to pay every credit card bill in full, we have zero car/school/etc loans, and we have been able to stay this way even with me staying at home.  I don't think we could make it on a teacher's salary any other way.

20.  Our health.  Hubby and I are in shape and healthy.  I was able to conceive and give birth to two healthy babies. 

21.  Date nights at home.  Hubby and I try to have dinner just to two of us about once a week.  We feed the kids and get them to bed early.  I love the time for just the two of us, without having to dress up and pay for a baby-sitter.  Plus Hubby is the grill master.  No restaurant even comes close to some of his creations.  I'm a lucky woman.  :)