Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby Girl is ONE!

A year ago today I was holding my very newborn baby girl.  I blinked and now she's one.  ONE.  Why are my babies growing up so fast?!  Not all that long ago I posted about how I didn't understand why moms get emotional when their kids graduate preschool/kindergarten.  Then my baby girl's first birthday got close and all of a sudden I understood it.  I love all that she can do and the little girl she is becoming, but I know that she is my last baby and she's not that much of a baby anymore...and that makes me sad.  And I know that everytime she reaches a "growing up" milestone I'm going to struggle with it knowing that my children are growing up and it's happening WAAYYY to quickly for me.  I know newborns are exhausting and involve lots of work.  But they are your precious babies and are worth every single sacrifice.  While I'm so excited for Baby Girl, I am sad that she and Little Man are growing up so quickly.  I'm a Mama and those beautiful children of mine hold my a big peice of my heart.  I loved all their baby snuggles and as exhausting as it can be, I like their dependency on me.  I have been so blessed with the most wonderful children I could have ever asked for and I wish I could slow down time to enjoy every single moment of their childhood just a little longer. 

So, enough of being emotional.  Here are a few pictures of my little girl's big day.

Pretty birthday girl in her birthday hat!
Big brother and buddy Braden helped with the icing and blowing out the candle.
Big kids enjoying cupcakes on the floor (on a plastic tablecloth to protect the carpet from
all that colorful icing!).
Treat table - sugar cookies, cupcakes, cake, chocolate cake balls - yum!!!