Monday, February 27, 2012

They Teach Me So Much

I'm finding that one of my favorite things about having kids (besides all the obvious loves/joys) is the way they are teaching me to slow down and observe the world. They love to play outside. They love to collect things from the yard. They love to watch the moon and stars. When we go on walks, they notice and point out things I never would have seen. With the nice spring like winter we've been having, we've been spending most of our days doing just those things.

 Mimi brought down some bulbs that we all helped plant and water.
 Miss Priss insisted on wearing the monkey "backpack" all day.

 Jackson and his new friend.  Watch out - he's discovered worms and he loves them.  He found one with Justin and wanted to cook it on the grill and eat it.  Thankfully, Justin convinced him otherwise.
Today after naptime, Jackson and I made chocolate cupcakes.  These last two pictures capture his sheer chocolatey joy.