Monday, October 15, 2012

Latest in Sewing

I wasn't sewing as much as I had hoped for a few months - mostly after we moved Töchterchen back downstairs and we lost our crafting/office room.  But I've been getting back into the swing of things lately...and once again getting used to pulling out and putting away my sewing machine each time I use it. 

First on my list of "must-do's" was pajama pants for the kids.  I bought flannel fabric last spring on super clearance for a mere $1.99/yd.  A few weeks ago I created my own little pattern from pajama pants they already own...but I extended the length.  In fact, I super extended it and created a cuff at the bottom of each pair of pants.  I'm hoping this year they can wear them with the cuff up and next year with the cuff down they will still fit.  But in the case of Töchterchen, who grows like a may just mean she will get one full season out of them.

 Modeling her favorite pair of PJ pants.  I've recently learned my baby girl is not a pastels girl.  She likes things bright, cheery, and a bit on the wild side - just like her personality.  Unfortunately two of the flannels I bought were softer colors, but she seems to be ok with wearing them when the mood strikes her just right.  I tried to get a standing shot of either kid, but this was the best I could do.   

 Next on the list was to finish up this fun little jumper for my girl. Again, it was fabric I bought on clearance at least a year ago - I'm a sucker for baby cordoruy. I was just waiting for her to get a little bigger so that I wouldn't have to alter the pattern quite as much as I did with the other dress pattern I've made for her in the past. I made it in a 3T and I hope it fits her for awhile.

Close-up of the fun fabric.

Complete with two pockets on the front for collecting rocks, acorns, and grass girl's favorites.

 Sweet baby girl with her baby.  Pardon the Halloween tatoo on her arm - temporary tatoos are the latest rage with my kids.
 Back of the dress.
I love her crazy bedhead.  And her excitement over her new dress.  She had to try it on as soon as she saw it.

Next up, her quilt!  Tonight I'm working on my "pattern" and design ideas.  The fabrics I selected are gorgeous and I hope I do them justice!