Sunday, October 21, 2012

Play, as we know it

I absolutely love seeing my babies play. Here are a few shots of some recent favorites.

 Parking lot in the kitchen.

 I'm always a fan of play that also helps me cross chores off my list.  Töchterchen likes the job of supervisor, while Mannchen does the heavy work.

 Just one of those days - campout in the living room, watching The Lion King.

We even had a "picnic" lunch on the floor while we watched the movie.  Mannchen's response: "OH!  That's so special.  I so excited!"

We made felt/velcro band-aids - Mannchen is showing off red and orange ones while coloring.  I could not afford to keep putting real ones on the kids every time they asked.   They have been very happy to use their play ones instead.

Mannchen loves to spread out the hay from his barn and "mow the field" with his tractors. 

We've made a lot of elaborate train set-ups lately.  I forgot to get a shot of the whole set-up.

Mannchen's drawing of a firetruck - his favorite thing to draw.

Töchterchen's favorites include changing her baby doll's clothes, having tea parties, and destroying nearly everything Mannchen does.  She's really good at the last one.