Friday, October 12, 2012

Springwood Farm

Last weekend we went to Springwood Farm, Hubby's Aunt and Uncle's farm, for a family reunion.  Every Columbus Day weekend his mom's family gathers to enjoy a fall weekend together.  Springwood couldn't be in a more beautiful setting.  Our farm lovin' boy was in heaven - cows, horses, and TWO John Deere tractors!  Three year old boy heaven.  Töchterchen had a blast herself playing with all her (second and third) girl cousins.  There were four little girls ages 18 months to 3 years.  They all brought their strollers and baby dolls.  I think they enjoyed trading babies and strollers, but I'm not sure because there were a few squabbles over who was pushing who in what.  Oh girls...the drama starts early.

Not only was this a great weekend in the country with family, but this was Mannchen's first ever camping trip.  We set the tent up in the living room a few nights before we went and from that moment on he was pumped.  In fact, he's spent most nights on the floor of his room "camping out" since we returned.  Thankfully he sleeps better on the floor of his room than he did in the tent.  Töchterchen was up crying at midnight because of her two year molars (she was sleeping with Mimi and Papa, but after that spell she came back to sleep snuggled up on this mama's chest, which I loved) and Mannchen was up for awhile around 3:00 for who knows why (it was cold?).  Then we all were blessed to yet again rise with the sun.  Are you catching my sarcasim on that one?  I hope so.  We haven't missed a sunrise in a long, long time, but this was just our first one in a tent, in the rain, wet and cold.

But in all seriousness we had fabulous weekend, even if it did take our kids about four days to recover from no true naps two days in a row and one EXTREMELY late bedtime. Sometimes I really struggle at letting go and taking part in weekends away for those very reasons. I think a lot of it comes from having to be the one that bears the blunt of the double grumpy toddler blow for those long days following. But the time with family is precious and worth every bit of it. Our kids won't have first cousins close in age so I am extremely thankful for every moment they get with their second cousins. We made memories that will last for years and that is worth every tired moment in the days to follow.  Plus I was able to get away with Hubby's cousin for a great 10 mile run.  I haven't run in such beautiful scenery with great company in a long, long time!

The most beautiful baby girl a mama could ever ask for.  This picture is from my flower garden several weeks ago.  Last week the flowers decided they had produced enough and started to mold.  We truly enjoyed having a fresh vase of flowers and herbs on the table for the last several months.  Next year I'm hoping to have both a summer and a fall cutting garden. 

Hubby's Aunt does a great job of scheduling activities for the kids (and grown-ups).  This year we made tye-dye shirts and the kids decorated bags for trick-or-treating (and for carrying home their shirts). 
Taking a break from playing in the horse rink to visit with the cows along with a cousin.  Hubby's uncle has about a dozen cows currently - but then again he is a specialist with a PhD such things.

Töchterchen had to fear of any of the large animals.  She loved reaching right in to pet them and even touch their tounges.  I had to hold myself back from stopping her.  I didn't want to pass along my own reservations to her.  I'm so thankful for animal lovin' kids.  Sidenote - the latex gloves she is wearing are from tye-dyeing.  She refused to take them off for the longest time.

Töchterchen pushing a cousin's baby and stroller.

Listening to and participating in the African drum music with another sweet cousin. 

The drummers.

Shake it girl.

Mannchen enjoyed studying each instrument.

Riding the tractor with favorite Aunt Meg.  When Hubby's sister got there, Mannchen took off running for her and gave her a big hug.  Needless to say, the boy loves his Aunt.  Story behind this picture - Mannchen, Töchterchen, and I were taking part in the African drumming when Mannchen heard type of motor start up.  He immediately started looking around and realized it was one of the tractors.  Once we realized that he took off running as fast as he could.  I'm sure he was even more overjoyed when he realized it was his aunt driving the tractor.

If Mannchen does it, Töchterchen has to try it too.

Back home, with her own baby and stroller, playing little mommy.  I love how much my baby girl loves her baby.  Melts my heart.  I look forward to all the tea parties and playing house we'll do in the years to come.