Friday, October 12, 2012

Waiting for Fall

Here in Newport News, we're still waiting for significant fall weather. Some evenings are cool, but most days still get up to the 70s. It makes for great outdoor weather, but I'm ready for cold, crisp fall days. I want to wear pants and long sleeves! Spring started in February this year. It just feels like this has been the summer that we never had the chance to long for and it's never going to end. Yet, all in all, there is nothing in all of that to truly complain about. So, while we are waiting and longing for fall and winter, we are reminding ourselves to be happy with the beautiful days surrounding us now. Our fall garden is taking off and providing us with plenty of cabbage and lettuce - keeping us healthy and saving on the grocery bills. Staying outdoors all morning is very enjoyable, rather than hot and humid. Plus, it's been great weather for running!
Our family computer died a few weeks (months?) ago and now we only use Justin's work computer on the evenings and weekends. Recently we cut cable and switched to a cheaper internet service. In the process we went a week without internet at home. It really put in perspective for me how much time I used to waste online. I was able to get so much more done around the house - cooking, sewing, cleaning, and creating. Now that we have internet again I've found I don't care near as much about it or getting on the computer after the kids are in bed. It feels extremely liberating to cross out that huge time vaccuum and spend more time caring for my family. I've upped my "cooking from scratch" efforts and have been sewing more. I realized that spending my time in these ways is far more beneficial for myself and my family than spending hours a week online and on facebook. It kind of makes me sad that I wasted as much of my life as I did in the past.

I'm hoping that in the months to come I can make more frequent, but shorter blog posts. Here's to hoping at least!