Sunday, February 3, 2013

A little bit of everything

What a week.  Ups, downs, and everything in between.

The kids are sharing a bedroom again with excellent success!  They are so happy to sleep together and wake up with oodles of energy/joy!  Of course this also times with when I've tried to start waking up 30-45 minutes before they do to get an easier start to the day.  When they wake up between 5:45 and 6:15, that's becoming even harder than I originally thought.  But like I said, they wake up so filled with joy and I'm learning how to better handle their happy chaos, even before coffee.
Hubby was in a minor accident on his way home from class Wednesday.  We are operating on one car for now.  I'm starting to wonder if I could get used to only having the car on Tues/Thursdays.  It would definitely slow down our pace of life and help us focus only on the things that matter.  Thankfully he wasn't injured and his car isn't badly damaged.  However on our limited budget, any damage is more than we can really afford.  Guess that's life as adults.

The kids and I talked about and celebrated Candlemas/Groundhog's Day this week.  We made two types of beeswax candles, read some books, and added a few poems to our circle time.

Chalkboard verse and drawing.

Mannchen's first drawing of the family - (from left to right) Daddy, Mannchen, Töchterchen, Me (above Töchterchen), and Brady.  Maybe Töchterchen is so large because she's SO LOUD.

Cooking with Mama.

Homemade candles and our Valentine's garland.  I cut out the hearts, Töchterchen helped string them on ribbon.

To finish the post, I thought I would share pictures of our favorite room in the house - the playroom!  Hubby tore out the old asbestos flooring in December.  He laid laminate in the bathroom and we had carpet installed in the playroom.  It is so comfy and cozy now.  The kids play up here all the time.  I like that the entire upstairs in their territory.
The barn, game cabinet, and open floor play space.
Kitchen/house area - now complete with a hair chair and ironing board!  I certainly don't iron clothes, but maybe my daughter will be a better wife than I am in that department.

Toy bins, reading tent, book shelf, and dress up area.  Love this room with carpet!

Updated bath floor!

February nature table!  I'd share the weekly chalkboard verse and drawing, but it's...well...lame.  :)