Monday, February 25, 2013

The Perfectly Imperfect

Our kids aren't the perfectly well behaved type.  Their manners are a work in progress.  They can be overly rambunctious at times.  They love to engage in full out sibling rivalry.  They can be loud, whiney, and/or defiant.
BUT as their parents, we still find them perfectly imperfect in every way. 
And that is my favorite part of parenting.  We can look at our precious little creations and delight in their perfect imperfections.  Besides, I'm convinced they wouldn't be as much fun if they didn't add an extra large dose of chaos to the mix on a daily basis.
I laugh listening to their conversations - especially the ones over the monitor after they've gone to bed.  Sometimes Mannchen "reads" to Töchterchen.  Sometimes they are just chatting away together.
I laugh at Mannchen attempting to instruct Töchterchen in every detail of her play with him...and laugh again as she refuses to do anything remotely close to what he asks of her. 
My heart smiles watching Mannchen play an elaborate game of "Firefighter" on the playground.  His "firefighter friends" (i.e. imaginary friends) helped us put out the fire in the playhouse and then they came home with us, even requesting spaghetti for dinner.  When we tucked him into bed he said they were all snuggling in bed with him and proceeded to tell them all goodnight.
After putting Töchterchen down for her nap today, I came downstairs to find Mannchen holding his beloved Froggy, rocking him and singing lullabies to him.  Then he gave him a huge hug, kiss, and held him up to tell him, "Froggy, I love you very much, but you have to listen.  No tearing pages in your books anymore.  I'm taking them away from you for naptime today."  This *may* be a common topic of discipline with Töchterchen and I felt relieved that he gets the "You're in trouble, but we still love the heck out of you." part of parenting.
Saturday Hubby took over the bedtime routine to give me an evening off.  While I was taking a relaxing bath with essential oils, Mannchen peeks in the bathroom and says "MOMMY WHY ARE YOU HIDING???".
Then, several minutes later, over the monitor Hubby has tucked them both in, Mannchen starts yelling: "DADDY!!!!  She took her diaper off!  DADDY!!!  She took her diaper off!  Daddy, get the duct tape!"
My sweet, silly, wild, absolutely precious children...boy, do I love being their mama.


Kitchen play.

Stampeding out the door.

Two year old meltdown over not getting to the lawn mower first.

Three year old refusing to share the lawn mower - he has "SO much work to do".

Little mommy feeding her baby before church.

Our diva - refusing to wear pants for an entire day, despite goosebumps on her legs the whole time.

Playdough hedgehogs!