Thursday, May 2, 2013

A New Friend

One of our favorite things about our house is the generous backyard.  It's not huge, but it's bigger than most in this area.  We are so happy to spend as much time as possible out there.  I'm thankful my kids enjoy the space and all the time we have to just play in the dirt.  It's going to be a big adjustment for us to no longer have this space waiting for us right outside the back door.
We've really enjoyed the spring weather lately and have spent a lot of time outdoors.  I'm very thankful it has been a cool spring (who needs 80s in April?!).  We'll get plenty of hot in June and July I'm sure.
Some of our latest adventures in the backyard have included discoveries of new spring life.  Mannchen loves frogs/toads - his most treasured possession is a stuffed frog that goes most everywhere he goes and sleeps in a bed next to his bed at night.  He has been asking to look under the dog house for weeks now with the hope of finding toads living there like we did last summer.  Needless to say, he was ecstatic to find this little guy right in the flower bed by the deck!
It's difficult to see him in the shadows, but he's hiding under the hydrangea bush. 

We were able to get him to jump into our net for closer observation.  Mannchen was so gentle.  I think Töchterchen traumatized the poor creature.

All that time outside = two hungry kids.  After dinner we were cleaning up and looked over to see this - just shoving more noodles in her mouth as fast as possible.  Töchterchen is so prim and proper.