Thursday, May 30, 2013

Using up the stash

I have a rather large stash of fabrics and craft supplies...something our apartment will not have room for.  So, rather than passing it on or packing it in boxes, I'm trying to finish up a variety of projects I thought up, purchased supplies for....and then left sitting in the closet.  I have a list on my inspiration board that is continually growing and of course time remaining in our house is rapidly coming to a close. 
In two months (to the day), all of our belongings will be in boxes, waiting to be loaded into a truck the following morning.  We've spent our entire married life knowing we would not stay in Newport News forever, knowing there was no way in hell we would send our children to the public schools here, and wanting them to grow up in a different environment.  Now that the time is nearly here, it's surreal.  I have never lived anywhere else half as long as I've lived here (can you follow that statement?), so despite not wanting to stay, it's still hard to leave the most familiar place I know.  Plus, as un-ideal as NN can be, we've met some great people here.
Anyways, I'm off track...back to crafting/sewing.  So, yes, I have lots of projects and not a lot of time.  As I finish things, I hope to shard them!
Matching skirts for myself, Töchterchen, and Töchterchen's baby doll.

Reusable snack bags.
A quilt that was finished just in time for 90 degree heat!  Oh well, the intent is it will keep us warm next winter in our baseboard heater, basement apartment with tile the mountains...brr!!!!

This *darn* wreath took years to complete.  Saw the idea online and fell in love.  But those pinwheels take FOREVER to make and I can only fold so many pieces of paper in one sitting.  I put it up for Memorial Day, but I might take it down until the 4th of July.  After all that work, I don't want the sun to bleach it out in one season.  Maybe it should be more of an inside decoration than front door attire....
Hopefully in the next week or two I'll have several more projects to share!