Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Home Tour - The Kids' Room

I'm woman enough to admit that I didn't think I would ever be able to call our new apartment home when we first moved in.  It just felt so different from our last home.
However, lots of scrubbing, some paint, lots of organizing/unpacking, a list of small home improvement projects, and a little magic has transformed this cozy apartment into our new home.  I'm finding that I love the smaller size!  We couldn't be happier with the location and setting.  Each room is becoming complete quicker than I expected. 
I think the thing I love the most about our new home is that we only brought with us our favorite things.  This move really helped us refine what items we care about the most.  If we didn't love it or need it, it didn't come with us.  Maybe the dated pine paneling and tile floors wouldn't be my first choice of wall finishes in a home, but when I look around at what we've done to transform this place into our home, I feel like this home speaks more of who we are, the life we are living, and what we truly value than our home in Newport News.  I never thought I would feel that way when we first moved in, but it's a beautiful, peaceful state of mind to settled in after all the chaos and emotions of moving.
Without further ado, I would like to present you with the first 100% complete room of the house - the kids' bedroom.
Beds - no more railing for Töchterchen!  I am so glad I moved ALL the curtains from our old home.  These were the ones I made before Mannchen was born for our nursery.  Their crib had a matching bedskirt that I used for the top of our old reading nook tent.  Thankfully I didn't repurpose the curtains yet!  They are a perfect fit for this room and I was happy to have something (free) to cover their windows with.

Mannchen's bed.  Hubby built a self for each kid near their bed.  Mannchen's is on the side.  We had to leave a gap along this wall and their beds because of the baseboard heater.  His bedspread before was sports themed, but I flipped it over for this room to keep things more simple.

Töchterchen's bed.  Her shelf is behind her headboard and of course it's pink.  Her bedspread is just a different slip cover saved from my freshman year of college.  The one she had before was from my upper classman years, but I knew she'd love the white/pink stripe side of this one (the other side is blue flowers with pink centers).

A collection of prints from "Around The Year" by Elsa Beskow.  I had a small version of the book, but happened upon a large version also.  I saved the small one to use as wall art.  I have all the pages, so I can change them with the seasons.  The vintage cat is from my parents' house - I loved it!

Print and cat picture about their dresser.

In our old house all their toys and books were in the playroom - the bedroom was only beds and a dresser.  I don't have that option here, so I wanted all the toys and books to be able to be put away at night.  This was once our hutch, then a craft cabinet, then a game cabinet in our old playroom.  Now it's our book cabinet.  Most of the kids' books are in the bottom.  The drawers have our wooden peg gnomes/dolls and other small wooden toys.
In the closet is a square shelf organizer with cloth baskets of smaller toys (doll clothes, trucks/cars, etc).  The large dress up basket is also in there.  I like that I can shut the door on all of those tempting items at night.
So far the kids seem to love their new room!  The soft yellow color is much more soothing than the bright blue of their old room.  I love it!  I wanted this room to be more calming and relaxing than their old room was.  It's funny how our preferences change as we learn more, grow, and develop a more defined style.  It took a big move like this to give my kids a room that is more suiting to where we are now as a family.
As the finishing touches are put on the other rooms of the apartment, I will share them with you also!