Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We spent Easter weekend in Blacksburg with my parents and Justin's sister, Megan. As usual, the five hour car ride was hell, but once we're there it's always nice to be home.

I forgot to take pictures of the kids on Easter Sunday. I also forgot to take picture of their baskets - which had a cute knitted bunny, felt chicks, Summerlin's baby doll got a sleeper (so she won't be naked all the time), and playsilks...all crafted by mama. Plus I finally got around to sewing liners for their baskets, but they are now put away in the attic and I'm too lazy to drag them back out just for a picture - I'll hold you in suspense until next year when I might remember. The Easter bunny also brought Jackson his own red wheelbarrow. Now he can really get some serious work done in the yard.

Justin and I also were able to enjoy a date night out on Friday night in Floyd County, VA. It was our first time there and we really enjoyed looking around. We also found a great little pizza/local beer place for dinner. I wouldn't mind going back again soon!

In our typical fashion, we were late to the Easter egg hunt at Tech's vet school. So, my parents, cousin, and Meg raced back to my parents house to set one up there while we took the long way home. Jackson found a chocolate egg in his first egg (hence his chocolate mustache) - this dramatically slowed down his progress because he HAD to stop and open each egg as he went.  Some eggs had stickers and made no sound when he shook them.  He started chucking those the side after awhile....and Summerlin came along and cleaned up after him.  Summerlin was just an egg hunting machine.  She probably found at least twice as many as he did.  Here are a few picture of the one time I did remember to pull out the camera. 

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter weekend also!