Monday, April 30, 2012


Now that I am no longer working, we have decided to transition both kids into the same bedroom.  It just made sense to us that they share.  Jackson already had two twin beds in his room and his room is huge, considering I keep all toys out of the bedrooms.  So, last Tuesday we made the big switch.  And at 9:45 last Tuesday night, Summerlin wound up back in her crib because neither kid had fallen asleep.  Thankfully, things got better after the first night and they've been sleeping in the same room for almost a week now.  Naptime doesn't always happen, which is really rough because my babies need their sleep, but hopefully I can come up with some new ideas and they will get adjust. 

On the bright side, it shows us just how much they love each other.  They are so excited to be in the same room.  They usually spend an hour (or more) playing and laughing with each other after we put them down at night.  I'm hoping this will lessen over time, as the novelty of sharing a room wears off, but until then I do enjoy hearing their laughter over the monitor.

This morning I started taking down Summerlin's crib (which was Jackson's first).  It's exciting to start organizing our office/guest bedroom, but it made me a little sad that we will never again have a baby crib in our house (well, maybe for the grandchildren one day).  I feel like we just bought the crib yesterday and now we're all done with it.  I can't believe how quickly that happened. 

But I will drown my sadness in organizing my new sewing/crafting space and adding feminine touches to a VERY BOY room....all without buying a single new thing, somehow.  :)

In other news, last week we started participating in a produce CSA.  We got a very generous basket of produce with several veggies that we have never tried.  We found out on Sunday that we love Swiss Chard.  Tonight Justin and I are going to try turnips for the first time.  We are so excited to get to try so many new things that I would never think to pick up at the grocery store.  Everything is locally grown (well, within the state), so we will also get a few ideas of things to try in our own garden next year.  It was way cheaper than I ever imagined (only about $32/week, which is actually a good bit less than I was spending each week on produce), so I highly recommend it!  **Bananas not included, so I do still have to pick a few of those up each week for my little monkeys.