Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Mama Original

I have the tendency to purchase cute fabric when I see it, regardless of whether I need it.  That being said, I have quite a stash in my craft closet now.....and in a few months I won't have a craft closet or a sewing room.  So, now that the house is as fixed up as it's going to be, as clean as it's going to be (for a few days), and as packed as it's going to be until the actual move itself, it's time for me to start using up my stash.  I'm going to do my best to blog about a good portion of my creations and the inspiration behind each of them.  But no promises.
Part of my stash is a collection of fabrics purchased with the intent of making dresses for Töchterchen.  I had a few inspiration pins over on Pinterest:
#1 - loved the coordinating band at the bottom

#2 - loved the sleeves
#3 - not on Pinterest - This is a top of Töchterchen's that has matching pink polka dot capri pants.  I used this top as my basis for the pattern I made.  I ended up copying the sleeves on this instead of dress #2.  I might attempt them on my next dress for her.  I widened the bodice and extended the length to create a dress.  I also used this as my guide for how to sew everything together.
And here is the result!  A quick, simple summer dress for my sweet Töchterchen!  The neck is elastic so she can get it on and off easily (no buttons or zippers).

Proud of her new dress...and the good news is now one of us is dressed for the day.

Now, other mama friends, you may be wondering how in the world I was able to sew with two little ones around.  This is how.  One child is naked - convenient since she's in the midst of potty training.  The other (and myself) are still in PJs.  My kids love to cut, color, and glue.  So we set up a massive creation station on the floor.  It evolved into playing store/house.  Apparently Mannchen is in the grocery store - he made lots of items to sell in his store.  Töchterchen is in the shoe store - she pulled lots of shoes in from around the house.  I wonder where the shoe store idea came from.  I don't know if my kids have ever been in a shoe store...  Anyways, if I want to craft/sew/bake while they are awake, I have to allow them to take part in the process in their own ways.  Whatever that may look like each time, it involves being ok with a messy, creative tornado styled room afterwards.  Thankfully it can usually be contained in one room.
We celebrated with a special treat afterwards - deep dish oatmeal chocolate cookie bars (also found on Pinterest)!  Yum!