Tuesday, April 23, 2013

In Need of Insight

I am looking for any and all advice!  When we move to the mountains I will need to generate more, steady income than cakes have provided.  My deepest desire is to still be at home with the kids as much as possible.  I would really like to find something (or a collection of several somethings) that I can do from home.  I still believe my place is at home with my children and I like the flexibility of working from home.

My hope is to continue cakes - maybe advertise that I can make and deliver birthday cakes/cupcakes to Tech students from family and friends back home?  In addition, I've tried to think of things I can do with sewing or other crafty skills.  Is starting an Etsy shop worth it?  My greatest concerns with that are again it is unsteady income, it's probably difficult to create a large enough following to generate much income, and I feel like I'm a bit of a "jack of all trades, master of none".  I hold my own sewing for my own family, but I'm not sure it's of a "sellable" quality.  So, I've tried to think of other ways I can generate income from work on the computer on home...and that's where I'm stuck. 

I'm not opposed to doing multiple small jobs, but I would love any and all advice on what these jobs could be.  Please, please, please share all your ideas!

Meanwhile, here's a picture to remind you of why it is so important to me to stay at home with my precious babies.