Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kids Say the Darnest Things

As both kids have started to talk more, I have over heard or been a part of several conversations/quotes that are worth recording and sharing.  No doubt about it, these two are precious little souls.

After putting the kids to bed one night, over the monitor we hear the following conversation (centered around Summerlin wanting to get in Jackson's bed with him):
JB:  Ok Summy, but you can't pick on me.  You hear me Summy?  No picking on me.
SG:  Ok Jack Jack.  (btw- the way she says "ok" is one of the most adorable things about her right now)
JB:  If you need to pick on someone, you pick on yourself.  Ok Summy?  You hear me Summy?
SG:  Ok Jacko.  You no pick on you.

At the playground next to the public library:
JB:  Mommy I need to go peepee!
Me:  Ok Jackson, let me put Brady in the car. 
      (As I'm opening the car door to put the dog in the car, I turn around to see my three year old son drop his pants and start peeing in the middle of the playground.)
Me:  Jackson!  You can't pee on the playground! 
JB:  But mommy, I had to put the fire out!  There was a fire on the swings and I used my hose.  Am I a good firefighter mommy?
Me:  Umm.  Yes.  But you can't pee on the playground. 

The soundtrack of our day (things I hear over and over and over each day):

JB:  Mommy, am I a good firefighter?  Like the best firefighter ever?

JB:  Mommy, watch I!!!

JB:  Mommy, I'm going to do the biggest throw/jump/etc EVER!  Watch I!  Watch I!  Did you see that Mommy?!  Was that the biggest ever?!

SG:  You love _____ SO much!  (Fill in the blank with whatever she is lovin' on that moment - Jackson, Daddy, Mommy, herself, Toby the train, Baby, fairies, etc)