Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Belated Easter

In the midst of finding out Hubby was admitted at Tech and getting the house on the market, I forgot to post our Easter pictures.  We spent a long weekend in the moutains with my family.  It turned out perfect because the day we left was the same day we got a response from Tech.  The following week was Hubby's spring break, which made it easy to extend our trip, allowing us time to apartment search...but more about that later, back to Easter.

Before leaving town, we died Easter eggs using turmeric, purple cabbage, and paprika.  The paprika was supposed to be orange, but really made a light tan color.  Either way, it was a fun experiment with natural dyes and I found out my kids love to snack on hard boiled eggs.

My parents did a backyard Easter egg hunt for the kids.  They had a blast and there were lots of eggs to go around.

Töchterchen and Baba - such a great picture!  I think this one is getting framed.

Discovering their treats!

Mannchen and Baba - another great, frame worthy one. 

Töchterchen and baby on Easter Sunday.

Our gorgeous, happy girl.

The Easter bunny brought Mannchen real water color paints. 
We had a great Easter and are so excited to have many, many more days together in the mountains!