Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baking Day Apron

Wednesday is baking day in our house....or at least we're trying to make it that.  Two weeks ago as we were making bread, I put on one of my aprons.  If mama has one, Töchterchen must have one, or so she believes.  She decided right then and there, the orange Home Depot ones we use for painting would not work for baking.  And so began the constant requests for a pink apron.  Luckily for her, I have hardly made a dent in my large stash of fabrics and I have plenty of pink fabrics to select from.

This morning I woke up and realized it was yet again baking day.  Eek!  It snuck up on me last week also and I couldn't pull an finished apron together quick enough.  However, due to today being day three of utter exhaustion and temper tantrums, my children decided to sleep in to allow mama a few moments of peace and quiet before another exhausting day began.  That extra hour of quiet time and coffee was all I needed to whip this little treat up for my sweet (but tired, cranky, and oh-so-utterly-two) Töchterchen.

We actually never even made it to the "baking" part of our morning.  The kids slept so much later than usual (funny how 8:00 is so late in our house) that we ran out of time and due to the extreme fatigue everyone is feeling, naptime was a far greater priority.  Hopefully after everyone is better rested we can squeeze in a batch of cookies before dinner!