Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunday Funday

Yesterday we had THREE house showings...and one on Saturday.  You would think after all that activity we might have heard something, anything!  But no luck.  I guess we'll be glad people are at least looking at it now.  We've lowered the price again and things are proceeding with the bank pre-approving our short sale.  The whole process is draining and I hope it's over soon.

During the afternoon showing we spent the time at our favorite outdoor spot.  I love watching the kids explore and observe nature.  Their wonder is contagious.

My parents were visiting this weekend and they took the dogs over here during the morning showings.  The sticks are marking a turtle egg nest - they watched the turtle come up, dig the hole, lay the eggs, and cover it back over!  I wish we all could have witnessed that!

Running to Daddy!

Melt my heart.

Gnome high rise - a good portion of this tree was hollowed out and had for small holes in the trunk, yet it's still alive!

Leading the way.

And here is why this spot is so exciting to our family - turtles!  You can't see them too well in the picture, but we had a large gathering of various sizes and types.  The snapping turtles (a.k.a. dinosaur turtles) are the kids' favorite because they are so large.  We saw five yesterday, a new record!

You can kind of see how long this big guy is, but it's also difficult to see his body.  His nose was sticking out and the tip of his tail is kind of visible.

Running like mama.

Run, run, run!

Pure joy on her face.

Here come the boys, trailing behind the quick girls! 

Mannchen has been begging for a haircut for the past week.  Poor guy has his Daddy's thick, dense hair.  It gets so hot in the summer.  I finally went for it and gave him a buzz cut.  It's adorable and he loves it, but I do miss his sweet baby hair style.

Ahhhh, we finished off the evening with a relaxing dinner on the deck, just the adults.  We are going to miss this space more than anything.  We plan on taking advantage of it while we can.

The result of another night on the grill - BBQ chicken pizza.  Delish!  I don't think I can ever go back to frozen and/or take-out pizza ever again.